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Steps to Success for Leaders on the Ground

JB's mission is this; to transform individuals into leaders. It's a mission honed with over 26 years of military service, leading in some of the most elite troops and schools in the United States. An interesting thing about the military, every warrior, regardless of rank, is considered a leader. 

Warrior Leadership embodies this philosophy. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned CEO or a first-time manager, captain of a sports team, or a stay-at-home mom. Each of us has the ability, and, more importantly, the responsibility to lead. 

To be a warrior means choosing to put in the hard work to become the best you can be in whatever role you have and to do so with honor, courage, and character. Warriors inspire others to do more and be more. They are a "force multiplier" - the catalyst for significantly increasing an individual's, team's, or organization's potential for success. Warriors leaders constantly transform, learn, and adapt.

Warrior Leadership uses real-life examples to lay out the steps necessary to become the leader you were intended to be. From finding your leadership style to enhancing group dynamics and team chemistry, JB tackles these topics like the warrior he is; talking as much about his failures and what he learned, as his successes. Warriors learn from warriors. Are you ready?



Word on the Street

This book inspires current leaders, and informs those starting on the path. It is well written, clear, and most importantly honest.

Warrior Leadership looks at the talents and commitments of leadership from a different angle. I have been in leadership roles for many years, yet was delighted to find a new way of addressing some of the challenges we face in today’s corporate structure.

The book is so well written it reads like a novel, yet so informative I will refer back to it often as I mentor and coach my team.

This is a strong guide for growing leaders, I will recommend for years to come, this is a book that will endure.

This book is one that is a must read for young adults going off to or who are in college. It has the possibility to inspire the next great minds of our future to be hard-working, kind, honest, and patient. It can give anyone the confidence of 'yes, I can do this; I have inside of me what it takes to be a warrior'. JB Spisso can show you the way. This man seems kind, caring, passionate and most importantly honest.

This book has no BS in it, it tells you like it is and gives you concrete advise, without being flowery and fake. It is an amazing handbook that you can refer to over and over again. Give this to the young adults (heck, everyone) in your life, show them the ways to be a warrior, to be someone who can stand on their own two feet, to be a leader without cutting others down for their own benefit, and most importantly to lead this country into a era that has warrior's who are kind, passionate, honest, honorable and hard-working.

Warrior Leadership is an amazing read by someone who lives everything he discusses in the book. Being that I've known Sergeant Major Spisso for over 20 years, I can personally vouch for the veracity of his stories and leadership experience, as well as the genuine nature of his dynamic yet caring style; he's the real deal. A must read, Warrior Leadership will greatly benefit leaders at every level and in all walks of life.