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Bloom Where You’re Planted

As children when we are born we don’t have the ability to choose our environment, it is chosen for us by our parents or primary care giver in most situations. Whether your environment is healthy, or not the best, you have the ability to bloom into something wonderful right where you are planted.

I work with many people from all types of communities and believe me, each has their own set of issues regardless if they we born in elite communities or less fortunate places. All of us have to start off by being grateful for the small things; the basic needs of life and you should continue to be happy while the situation is changing (growing if you will). This is often the times you need to lean hard on your faith, stay positive, and rid yourself of any discontent or hatred. Your mind, body and spirit need to work from an optimistic and constructive place. You are not meant to be angry, upset, or thinking you are entitled.

When a seed is planted in the soil, it can take weeks, months or even years to see any results. You don’t give up just because you’re not seeing immediate effects. Rather you make sure the soil is nurtured, watered, gets sunlight, kept clear of any weeds, all the while the “real” effort is happening in the dark. We are a “now-now-now” society that often gives up if outcomes aren’t immediate.

This is a mistake and if you want to reap the rewards of progress, then you need to invest in the work in the obscure places. These are the times when you’re up late to finish a class or a project, or you rise early so you can get your workout finished before the kids awake. Taking that extra training to advance yourself technically, or reading a book or articles that inspires you and keeps you on the path to success. You have to learn to balance two keys things: urgency and patience. We are more comfortable with the urgency part because we know how to work hard, pay the price, and put in the additional effort. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always lead to immediate success.

Timing is key in anything but this doesn’t mean we just scrap our labors. So we add the key attribute known as “patience.” This is the understanding that becoming the best, a winner, a champion, the best salesperson, an amazing parent, the key employee, etcetera, takes not only determination, but also time. Anything great, anything worthwhile, takes time; champions are not made overnight.

When you find the right balance of urgency and patience, you keep a great attitude, you put in the work, you maintain faith in your spirit, and then success will be the pay out. Continue to be grateful, continue to work hard, and bloom to greatness from where you are planted.

“You can’t control time and there is never enough; all you can do is keep moving forward.”

- E.E. Sergeant Major (Retired), U.S. Army Special Operations