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How We Grow - 3 Simple, Yet Critical Areas

Growing, developing, improving, and getting better is all a part of our life. Often times we put a schedule to it, and though we plan accordingly to ensure we are meeting desired goals, the speed doesn’t matter, as long as you are moving forward. I was fortunate to graduate from college with little debt due to the U.S. Army college fund and other programs while I served. Due to an intense work schedule, I chipped away at my degree taking one class at a time, and after nearly 20 years, I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Nyack College. Many times we gauge our success on what’s happening around us and to others or pre-determined timetables. If you take anything from this book, run your own race and keep making positive steps in the path advancing!

Growing, just like planting a seed, has its dark period. Stop looking at the dark as something negative or not useful; instead, it’s a stage of preparation where the crucial work is happening to develop your growth. This is the time to water the soil, cultivate it, nurture it, and continue to trust and inspire your mind, body, and soul.

If you want to get better at anything, to become smarter, faster, stronger, healthier, tougher, etc., you need to focus on three simple, yet critical areas:

1. Positive habits 2. Routines & repetition 3. Having the right recording

The military puts new recruits through the paces early an often during initial entry training. In a matter of a few days’ things like fitness, marching, and Soldier skills are becoming a part of their mental and physical memory banks. They do this by ensuring it happens every day, and nearly the same time and the mind and body become accustomed to the initial stress. As the days move on, the stress goes down, and you may continue to add additional training (stressors). This is the same for you! If you want to accomplish your goals and dreams, then you need to put a disciplined, timely, and encouragingly focused agenda into action.

Positive habits are nothing more than something you’re doing that produces a valuable benefit or action. If you want to wake up well rested, then you need to get an appropriate amount of sleep every night, for example. The positive habit would be to get to sleep at the correct desired time, so you have the full sleep term (generally this is 8 hours for best results).

Routines and repetitions are actions on your program and adding frequency to them. For example, you go to the gym four times a week. So you add this to the positive habit by ensuring it’s in your schedule, you’re actually doing it, and putting in the effort of the sequence, so you reach your fitness goals.

You must play for yourself the right recording. What are you saying to yourself? How are you saying it?

I’m fortunate to work with executives and athletes, and in some cases, they are the harshest critics on themselves. I remind them of the success they have achieved and to speak "positivity" - the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. What you speak, you receive.

The brain is a powerful muscle, and just as you physically train your body, you can do so with your brain. Each of us has a purpose, and we are all professionals at something. Never speak defeat or lack, instead talk about the positivity that we all hold within us. Accentuate what you’re good at, your talents, your gifts, and those tools you were born with and developed and set you apart from everyone else.

Finally, sometimes our hopes and dreams can be shattered by the jealousy of others or even our family that feels we’re not talented enough. This is all malarkey. Find those one or two people that you trust and if they are genuinely in your corner, they will inspire you to follow the path and be sincerely happy for you when success flows your way. It only takes one person to believe in you or give you a shot; someone that makes a call or recommendation that opens a door.

In the end, you don’t have to prove it to anyone else, not a coach, a co-worker, former boss or even a relative, all you need to do is prove it to yourself! If you bet on anything, bet on YOURSELF.

Your positive self-worth, your right recording, it all starts with you!

The Take Away:

  • A positive spirit isn’t magic, or a gimmick, it’s a true belief and can be mastered

  • Put your schedule together, get on it, and do it

  • Positive habits can be built and sustained in just weeks!